Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last mile excellence

So  I'm all set to leave Kuwait. I was here for last 3.3 years and I have learned a lot. The biggest benefit I gained from here is the vmware. I consider this as a great achievement in my life as it takes months and years to master a new technology. I also sharpen my skills with Sun and Netapp.

 I was reading about this last mile excellence in Robin Sharma's article. I've seen most of the people once they resigned from the job , they tend to be lazy and hardly work because they don't have anything to gain or may be they don't care anymore. I was thinking how can I sign off with excellence from my employer. I was going through all my setup and check whether they need changes, patches, firmwares, make recommendation for future and so on. I helped my client to virtualised their data center with vmware vSphere and OVM(Ldoms) and implementation of FCoE over CNA cards and Nexus.

I got a chance to work with Nexus 5020 and my CCNA skills came handy here. I'm still trying to be the best and I want to sign-off with excellence.


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