Thursday, June 28, 2012

Configure OnCommand DFM to discover NetApp filer in different subnet

This is a requirement when you install OnCommand DFM server in the management network and you need to discover the NetApp filer through the different network like NFS network.

If you have the Management IP configured for the NetApp, DFM will discover the Filer through the management network. If you have vFiler configured in a different network (Vlan) , the DFM wont discover the vFiler.

This is also a requirement for the VSC when installed on the OnCommand server. VSC will show all the filers and vFilers in the monitoring and host configuration through the management IP address but the vFiler will fail to discover in the backup and recovery section as a result you wont be able to do any backup on the datastore presented through the vfiler

To overcome this, you need to configure DFM server with 2 interfaces, one in the managemet and other one in the NFS ( in my case). The DFM server is a VM in my case.

By default DFM discover appliance in the same subnet, to discover appliance in the different subnet you need to do the following:

( 192.168.15.x is my management and 192.168.90.x is my storage network)

1) Create an SNMP in the subnet

# dfm snmp add -m 24 -v 1 -c public

where is the ip address of the netapp filer on a different vlan

2) Check whether the host is added through the management IP address

# dfm host list

4) If the host is not added add the host

# dfm host add
 # dfm host list

5) now you can see the host added through the management interface, if you do a host diag you can see it wont work for 90 network

# dfm host diag
#dfm host diag

6) Now you have to change the appliance primary path

# dfm host set < hostname>  hostPrimaryAddress=
# dfm host diag

You can see any vfiler on the NetApp controller also detected.

Thanks for reading...Jibby