Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flexpod components images

I got an opportunity to work on a Flexpod project. I took some pictures of each of the components and thought of put it here.

As you know the components are:
NetApp controller
Cisco UCS chassis with blades and fabric extender
Cisco Fabric interconnect
Cisco Nexus Switches

Below is the NetApp FAS 3240 with dual port 10G module which will be connected to the Nexus switch.
The cable used is fibre.

Below is the image of Nexus 5548up. This is the latest nexus switch in the 5500 platform where the "up" stands for unified port, which means each of the 32 fixed SFP ports can be individually configured for 1G,10G,10G with FCOE and with native fibre channel 1,2,4,8G line speed.

Below are the images of the Cisco Fabric interconnect , Cisco UCS 6120XP. This is a 1 RU fabric interconnect with 20 fixed ports with 10G Ethernet and FCOE SFP+   and 1 expansion slot.This supports up to 160 blade servers and 20 chassis in single domain. Cisco UCS manager is a software which is embedded with it.

There will be 2*6120XP interconnect which works as a cluster. One is primary and other is subordinate

Now the UCS chassis with blades and fabric extender. This is Cisco 5108 chassis with 8 hot swap fans, 4 power connections and 2 fabric extenders each with 10G ports.

Rear side of the chassis:

Front side of the Chassis with empty slots for blade:

Fabric extender with 4*10G FCOE connection. We used twinax cable to connect to Fabric interconnect

Cisco UCS blades, these are half width blades. 5100 chassis holds upto 4 full width blades and 8 half width blades. This is B230 blades. You can see 64GB SSD drives at the bottom of the blade.

The label on the B230 blade:

Blades with 2*SSD drives

Fully populated blade, inside view

32 memory slots and 2 cpu's all fully populated with 8GB memory stick

Chassis with blades 6*B230 blades. Total of 8 blades can be inserted.

I will post the Flexpod configuration and connectivity in the next post